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Story 2 - James Maas

Case study: University of East Anglia

James Maas is Publicity, Operations and Events Intern at the University of East Anglia (UEA). He joined the UEA Music Centre team of two on a full time, six month contract.

“I graduated in Business Management at UEA before going onto a graduate programme with nelsonspirit, who specialise in mentoring for MDs & CEOs and working with young people, where I explored various areas of business. When I saw the intern position advertised on UEA Career Central who use Graduate Talent Pool it ticked all of the boxes for my next role. I liked the idea of going back to UEA, particularly working in the music centre as I'm in two bands, and play the guitar and ukulele.

“I've worked in some way since I was 16, whether part-time or project work, at gigs or festivals, so the transition into a formal work environment wasn't a real shock.

“The work at UEA has been extremely varied, so keeps me on my toes. I spend my day looking at marketing and growing UEA Music Centre's social media presence, helping manage and market events, managing the schedule for the practice rooms and general admin such as keeping our database up to date and communications moving forward.

“As well as the wide variety of activities and responsibilities I've particularly enjoyed marketing and general arts administration through supporting the UEA Symphony Orchestra, Choir and Chamber Choir; overall developing my appreciation and passion for music. The most challenging aspect of what I do is remaining on top of things and keeping all of the plates spinning.

“This experience has set me up for my next role. I'll soon be moving to the Marketing & Communications team at UEA as Customer Relationship Manager.”

One piece of advice for someone considering an internship

“Get stuck into work any which way you can. Internships, part-time work, volunteering all help you to develop skills as well as explore what type of work you do and don't enjoy.”